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Watch me go after these bunnies once I've completed the fics on my to-do list!

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May. 12th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Just an overview of my on-going projects:

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This is me and how I feel about the pairings that I read and write. Yes, Sansan is a new obsession addition on that list.

That's all I wanted to say.
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An excerpt from a Marriage Law fic I'm still working on (hi Elizabeth). As I couldn't find a way to incorporate this bit in the body of the story, I'm putting it here. The official story will begin approx. 1 year after the scene beneath the cut.

The official release will be somewhere in November? I think, I dunno... it's a slow process.

So, since I'm rubbish in naming my fics, can anyone to help me out here?

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Beetle Eyes and Bubotuber Pus (3718 words) by RosevalleyNB
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Additional Tags: cauldron poisening, Potions, Alternate Universe - Hogwarts, minimal dialogue, Pre-Relationship, Awkward Crush
Series: Part 3 of One of These Days

‘I wanna lick your face.’

Bell had said it. Marcus was sure she had, Bole and Pucey had heard her too. Girls like her - -well, girls in general, did not say such things to him. Nor did they sniff his neck or stand so close that he could feel their tits pressed against his back. Bell had done all those things. To top it off, she kept staring at him like in the same way his perpetually dieting Aunt Beatrice looked at chocolate cake after a week-long fasting.


Marcus Flint has an admirer and he's being an utter tool about it.

Sequel to Scrubbing Cauldrons.

Beetle Eyes and Bubotuber Pus )


Aug. 8th, 2017 04:37 pm
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A long, long time ago, I can still remember... how people used to send postcards when they went on holiday.

I remember how excited I used to get when my friends sent me one from the exotic locations they were at, at the time or spending hours to choose the right one to send to them from wherever my family was, driving my parents mad with indecisiveness. The messages were always the same cliche; it's great here, or it's too warm, and usually, you'd draw the sun with the temperature in it.

That was long before the internet and smartphones took over, though, and sending cards seems like a long-forgotten tradition these days. I mean, my eight-year-old niece just sent me a WhatsApp to tell me how much she was enjoying her vacation. A #$%!@ WhatsApp! Where's the fun in that?

So, I've decided to do things completely different this year. Instead of apping a pic of us drinking cocktails on the beach, I'm going to send postcards! Yay? YAY!!

As you may or may not know, my lover-boy and I are leaving for Fuerteventura in three weeks, on the 28th. If you want to be included in the mailing list, please leave your address details in the comments or send me a pm. All comments are screened, and no one else will be able to see the info but me.

I will only use the details you provide to send you a card from Fuerteventura and maybe London (going there end of October) and X-mas time with a small treat, if you want. If not, I'll delete the info as soon as the card is sent from Fuerteventura.

Oh, and I promise to keep the cards clean. :)
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Originally posted by [ profile] interhouse_mod at Prompting is Open!

Please remember to review The Rules as well as the FAQ. A handy dandy list of characters can be found HERE.


Prompting: August 5 – August 19
Sign-ups: August 21 – due date
Due Date: October 31
Posting begins: November 6

To submit a prompt, click here

To see all the prompts submitted so far, click here

Prompting is open to anyone. You don’t have to plan on writing if you want to submit a prompt. Please limit prompts to one per spreadsheet! You’re more than welcome to leave as many prompts as your heart desires -- just fill out a separate spreadsheet for each one!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave us a comment, or shoot us an e-mail at

Happy prompting! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Want to spread the word? Share the banner below!

Thanks to [ profile] snapespoet for making the banner for me. Artwork is unkown artist.
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Title: By Any Means Necessary
Author: [ profile] rosevalleynb
Pairing(s): Alicia Spinnet/ Terence Higgs
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Reproductive coercion, mention of underage (nothing in detail)
[ profile] rarepair_shorts*, Prompt: Discreetly Indiscreet
[ profile] fanfic50 prompt 46 (table 8). Deception
[community profile] genprompt_bingo round 12. Prompt bingo card: An Ethical Dilemma.
[ profile] mixandmatch100 prompt 14. Sabotage
Word count: 8x100
Summary: Terence knew that Alicia was not that kind of witch. It didn't mean that he was not that kind of wizard.

Author's notes: Unbetaed. *Will x-post to rarepair-shorts as soon as the wishlist event is over.

Read after the cut or on AO3

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Happy Sunday, everyone! Ready for your morning run? 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

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Title: A Little White Lie
Pairing: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic50 prompt 13. Tongue-tied. (prompt table 8 here). [community profile] genprompt_bingo round 12. Prompt Extraordinary. (Bingo card here).
Rating: M (R)
Word Count: 1955 words
Summary: "I don’t know, never really measured it," Marcus answered, which was one of the biggest lies he had told in his life. Or, just a random snippet from Katie and Marcus' day-to-day life.
Author's Notes: Written in an attempt to cure my writer's block. Worked to an extent, I think. There's probably more to this one-shot, but typing this out was enough frustration for now.

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So, since my writer’s block refuses to leave me alone, which I blame on certain aspects in my professional life that bled into my personal life, I’ve been focussing my time on polishing up my Turkish. A girl needs a hobby, ya’know. Also, it would be kind of nice to talk to my granny without stammering and searching for the right words (or using the wrong ones) to say.

Now, what better way to do this than surf youtube for old Turkish movies (copyright? what copyright?) I remembered from my childhood and my late dad’s favourite songs. Well, one movie led to another music clip, and that led me to a fan video, which in turn led me to the Turkish series I’ve been hooked on for the past few weeks. It’s called ‘Beni Bӧyle Sev’, which can mean ‘Love Me Like This’ or ‘Love Me as I Am’. Both translations apply to the story line, by the way.

In short, it’s a story about a poor girl and a rich by falling in love (including crazy friends for comic relief) and the all the drama as well as the comedy that usually surrounds such topics. That’s a very brief synopsis because each episode is almost two hours long and there are 90 episodes in total. Yeah, binge watching is a bit problematic in that sense.

A lovely, wholesome series, and as it was broadcasted on of the state regulated channel, the most sexual thing to happen between the couples on screen is hugging and a quick peck on the cheek. If such a series had been aired in my younger years, it would have saved my parents a lot of panicky searches for the remote or putting their hands before my and my sisters’ eyes each time ‘wanton’ behaviour was shown on the telly. Violence and gore and blood was never a problem (I watched ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street' with my dad when I was eight if I remember correctly), but a bit of skin or frisky couples got them in the highest state of alert. Remember the song ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’ by Sabrina and the music clip to go with it? My mum gave my dad an earful, accusing him of letting me and my sister watch porn! Ah, the joys of growing up in an immigrant family. ;)

However, I digress as usual.

Back to the series, or more specifically, the fan video that has led me down into the rabbit hole that is ‘Beni Bӧyle Sev’. It was actually the song that first caught my attention. It is from 1973, sung by singer Füsun Önal, it’s catchy (to me anyway), and I remember my parents singing or humming it occasionally (oh the nostalgia) whenever they were reminiscing about their younger years.

Anyway, what struck me the most when I first watched the video was the lead actress and how much she resembled the Katie Bell I’ve created in my mind. I’m not the one to appreciate the pastel coloured aesthetics of models in strange poses who are supposed to represent certain characters within a fandom. You can usually find them on Tumblr, mood boards they’re called I believe. Although, I can understand why someone would like them, using real people to represent fictional characters has never sat well with me. Also, it ruins imagination in general, I think.

Then this fan video happened, and I've been forced to reconsider my stance. The first time I watched it, I couldn't help but feel as if was watching my Katie in the flesh. What’s even worse, I can see my Katie AND Marcus in this (imagine him having had his teeth done).

Am I the only one? What do you think? Does she, he, or both somehow fit your imagination?

Beni Boyle Sev )

PS. If you have any tips on how to get rid of a writer's block, please share!
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Last May, I recced a bunch of Millicent centric fics for [ profile] crack_broom. If you've most those and love Millie fic as much as I do, please go and check them out. Don't forget to leave the authors some love, they deserve it.

Currently, I'm reccing multiple rarepair over at crack-broom (1 a day), the first one (Arthur/Molly) I've just posted. I'll post a compilation here once the month is over.

Title: Predators of the Night
Author: [ profile] aleathiel
Word Count: 4583 words, complete
Alternate Links to Fic: none
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/ Draco Malfoy
Rating: R
Author's Summary:During the party after Draco's initiation Millicent stays on the outside, watching the guests. But her foray into the Malfoys' garden reveals unexpected truths, about herself and about the people she has walked away from.
Author's Website: here
Why everyone should read this: If you're in the mood for something angsty, this is your fic. The premise is simple: a girl in the shadows, a party, and the popular boy she's pining after. Still, the author's way of storytelling and vivid descriptions makes it feel like you're dancing alongside Millicent in the moonlight, despite everything happy and carefree. Then mood shifts, and you'll wish she never stopped dancing.

Excerpt )

Title: Ode to broken Things
Author: [ profile] femmequixotic
Word Count: 14308 words, complete
Alternate Links to Fic: Right here
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/ Victor Krum
Rating: NC-17
Author's Summary: "Krum's in town," Harry says finally. "I just thought you should know."
Author's Website: Author's AO3 page
Why everyone should read this: Originally written for the hp_beholder @ insanejournal. I'm not sure where to start with describing how much I love this fic. It has everything that I love and want to read. Strong but flawed characters, check. Sudden end to romance, check. Pregnancies and paterneties kept secret, check. Meddling friends and families, check. Second chances, check. Satisfying ending, check. Not to mention how incredibly well this is written and how believable the characterisations are. It just made me forget it's written in the first-person POV, which is normally a no-go for me. But in this case, just go. Read. Enjoy.

Excerpt )

Title: The Wrangling of Wyverns
Author: [ profile] angylinni
Word Count: 3358 words, complete
Alternate Links to Fic: None that I could find
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/ Adrian Pucey
Rating: R (a light one)
Author's Summary: Millicent is stuck with a replacement Wyvern wrangler after her partner Higgs is called back to England to deal with a loved one's accident. Cursing her luck, she gets much more than she bargained for when Adrian Pucey is the one that shows up to take Terence's place.
Author's Website: Author on AO3, most of her HP fics are also archived on [ profile] bell_flint, [ profile] gryff_slyth100 and [ profile] overcomingrvlry
Why everyone should read this: According to the author's notes, [ profile] angylinni wrote this because Millicent often gets the short end of the stick in fics. And she's right about that, the poor girl seems to be surrounded by drama in most of the fics she's the leading lady in. I've recced a few here, and I'm guilty of doing it as well. That's why this one-shot is so refreshing. True, the author briefly touches Millicent's insecurities about her body in the passing, but it's not the primary focus, and it's over in a few sentences. The focus is Millicent and her crush on Adrian Pucey that decides to rear its head upon meeting him again after many years. Of course, Adrian isn't exactly immune to the new, grown up Millie either, and he knows exactly how to woo the girl. Swoon, sigh, and smile in enjoyment. Brief mentions of Alicia/Terence (yay!).

Excerpt )

Title: Ten Things He Never Knew
Author: [ profile] jbeaners48, J_Maria on Ao3, J. Maria on FFN
Word Count: 2110 words, complete in 11 chapters
Alternate Links to Fic: n/a
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/Draco Malfoy
Rating: PG-13
Author's Summary: Their relationship has always been one-sided, or has it? Millicent & Draco, ten-song drabble fic.
Author's Website: Author's FFN site
Why everyone should read this: First of all, don't let the songfic part in the summary scare you off. The mentioned songs are merely used as inspiration for this eleven part drabble series. Second, if you're not all too into rarepairs (and Millie/Draco is sure one) but want to explore, this is a nice and easy starting point. In eleven drabbles the author has managed to tell a complete story of a girl who, after years of pining, has finally given up on her crush, only for him to finally notice her when she's ready to move on. The way the J_Maria has written this, you'll root for Millie and want to kick Malfoy's arse for keeping her hanging on. And by the time you reach the last chapter, you'll be left confused about how you want it to end because the author, as evil as she is, has left it open for interpretation. After reading this for a few times, I'm still not sure how I want it to end. Millicent/OC side-pairing.

Excerpt )

Title: Not Given Up Yet
Author: [ profile] snorkackcatcher
Word Count: 2500 words
Alternate Links to Fic: Right here
Character: Millicent Bulstrode
Rating: PG-13
Author's Summary: Half-blood Slytherin Millicent Bulstrode reflects on her time at Hogwarts, the years of wasted effort she put in trying to be accepted by the popular students of her House, and what she intends to do about it
Author's Website: Author's LJ, FFN
Why everyone should read this: Originally written for the [ profile] femgenficathon, set in The Half-Blood Prince. This is a brilliant, well-written fic exploring Millicent's character and her point of view with regards to the changing world around her and her status as half-blood amidst purebloods. The author has done such a great job in giving Millicent her own voice. You can almost hear her speak to you as the story continues, unwillingly showing hints of vulnerability beneath the tough-girl facade. This is the Millicent I would've liked to see in the original books, not the one-dimensional caricature JK made her out to be (like with most Slytherins).

Excerpt )

Title: Fall on Your Knees
Gaining Access: n/a
Author: ivyblossom on AO3, was [ profile] ivyblossom on LJ. Is [personal profile] ivyblossom on DW.
Word Count: 2143 words
Alternate Links to Fic: None that I'm aware of
Character: Millicent Bulstrode
Rating: PG
Author's Summary: Even people like Millicent have stories to tell. Sometimes, they're not very pretty stories. This story was originally written and posted in 2002.
Author's Website: the author's AO3 page
Why everyone should read this: Millicent is sent to a Muggle primary school after her family suspects she's a Squib. Here, she's bullied relentlessly until she snaps. This is one of those stories that makes you want to reach into the fic and pull the character close to your chest to console them. It's a sad story all around, one that will stay with you.

Excerpt )

Title: Wrong Side of The War
Author: [ profile] hollycomb
Word Count: 6780 words
Alternate Links to Fic: Right here
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/Theodore Nott
Rating: NC-17
Author's Summary: Ten years after the war, Millicent runs into Theo Nott, who she had a strange relationship with at Hogwarts.
Author's Website: Author's LJ fic-list
Why everyone should read this: I have a soft spot for Millie/Theo and this fic was one the first fics I read about them, and was sold. This piece, originally written for [ profile] hp_porninthesun, is humorous at times and endearing in others. It's a wonderful and well-fleshed out portrayel of these two characters, their vulnerability and the undertone of what could have been if it hadn't been for the war and their parents' part or lack thereof in it. And of course, a lovely tale of catching up in more ways than one. :)

Excerpt NSFW )
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This little should have taken place right after Marcus sees Katie and Charlie Weasley getting cosy with each other in Chapter 12, the beach scene.

Edit 18-7 to give more background:

Chapter 12 as posted was actually the first version I wrote. However, the dune scene, where K and M have their 'talk' felt lacking somehow. So, juts to see if something else worked better, I cut Marcus' scene short and wrote what's posted under the cut. That felt even worse, so I went back to the original version.

Looking back, I guess I didn't know how to end the chapter in a way the original one ended. So, instead of fretting about it and write another version, I went with V1.

Deleted scene ch12, Alof )
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He's practically ancient with ailments that come with old age but he's still as cute as a young kitten.

My baby, Sam.

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As mentioned in an earlier post, I had some trouble finishing up 'Lifetime...'. In a now deleted post I mentioned that I had finally pinpointed what was causing my troubles, which was straying from the original story outline. So, once that was cleared up, chapter 22 almost wrote itself.

Now, going back to the original plan means that I have a few thousand words writting that are left 'homeless' so to speak.

The part below the cut is a moment between John and Grace Bell the night before Katie and Marcus' Ministry wedding. FYI- before you get confused at Katie's presence there; feeling emotional and traditional (and hormonal, but we won't say that aloud), she insisted on spending her last night as a single witch with her parents. She almost succeeded in that, but that's a deleted scene for another time.

Without further ado, I bring you John and Grace Bell with a cameo of Tamsin Bell. Not edited because I couldn't be arsed to do so.

ALOF, CH22 Deleted scene )
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Title: A Lifetime of Firsts
Type of Fanwork: Fic
Pairing: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint, Alicia Spinnet, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey, Marcus Flint's parents, Katie Bell's parents, OC - Character
Length (if applicable): 116122 words
Rating: Mature
Creator: [ profile] rosevalleynb
Summary/Description: There is a first time for everything, these are Katie and Marcus'. Snapshots of all the firsts in the lives and love of a spoilt boy and a somewhat silly girl.

Links to Fanwork (If Applicable): Chapter 1
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Title: A Lifetime of Firsts
Type of Fanwork: Fic
Pairing: Katie Bell/Marcus Flint
Characters: Katie Bell, Marcus Flint, Alicia Spinnet, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey, Marcus Flint's parents, Katie Bell's parents, OC - Character
Length (if applicable): 116122 words, 22 chapters, complete
Rating: Mature
Creator: [personal profile] rosevalleynb
Summary/Description: There is a first time for everything, these are Katie and Marcus'. Snapshots of all the firsts in the lives and love of a spoilt boy and a somewhat silly girl.

Links to Fanwork: Chapter 1
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More than two years in the making...

More than 110k words of fluff...

The time to say goodbye to my babies is near...

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Dear [community profile] theiceroyals author,

First of all, thank you for writing a story for me. The fact that you are here, means that you have questions or want to know more about what I'd like.

Let's start with what I absolutely do not like:

- Bashing of any kind. Yes, I will think less of you.
- Infidelity. This will make me hit the back button faster than bashing will.
- Shoehorning current day (American) politics or your own political/religious/ atheist views into the fic. I honestly do not care about what you think or believe in RL. Hit-back-button-speed is somewhere between bashing and infidelity. Oh, and I will scoff and roll my eyes whilst abandoning your fic.
- Blatant Dramione/Drarry/Draco- any slash or even hints at it. If you must mention mature Draco, keep it canon, meaning (Dr)Astoria.
- Considering Cursed Child as being canon. (This means that Astoria does not die an untimely death)
- Obvious Americanisms in any shape or form. Just don't.
- Present tense (and/or) first person POV.

Aren't I picky, huh? Never said it'd be easy. ;)
Well, what do I like then?

To be fair, I'm new to Lucissa. I've never cared for this pairing before and I'm still the early stages of exploring them. So, make me love them, make me care. (and while you're at it, point me in the direction of some good Lucissa fics as a part of my research. Thanks!)

- Show me Pureblood traditions and how they are affected by it.
- Make me sympathise with Lucius and the choices he has made in relation to Voldemort and the Death Eaters.
- Show me Narcissa's involvement in the above.
- Show me their courting days
- Show me a day in the life of...
- Show me the love they have for each other and their family

In general, I like fluff, humour (dark and/or sarcastic), and happy ends. I love fics that would normally offend the faint hearted, so don't keep it PC for my sake.

What else... I love tiny details, I want to know their likes and dislikes, their nervous habits, their pet-peeves, and how they drink their tea. You can keep it canon or not, I don't mind either way.

I don't mind traditional genderroles. In fact, it's what I expect.

That's it for now. Please, if you have any questions left, leave them here. Anon is turned on.

Cheers and good luck with your writing!
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Version four, I working on effing version four. FOUR! As in 4! That's the most up-to-date count for the last chapter of 'A Lifetime'.

Why? Why am I doing this to myself? Why can't I just put an end to this fic instead of re-writing every other effing scene? I was supposed to have it finished last May, maybe June at latest, but here we are... It's July and I'm not even close to editing the final chapter, let alone publishing it. Tering tyfus klotezooi... Waarom moet mij dit nou overkomen?!

It's not only frustration of not being able to finish the goddamned thing, it's keeping me from working on my other stories and ideas as well. I have five stories outlined, seven if you count the wips as well, three of them due by the end of Agust and all I can do is stare at the screen. Dammit, I even have a playlist on youtube for one the fics, somthing I've never done before... But nothing, I just keep on staring at the cursor, and when I'm not, I'm rewriting the final chapter of 'A Lifetime'.

Someone just put me out of my misery already...

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[community profile] trope_bingo Round 9!

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